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This video is specially for you who want to learn idioms and phrases. This can be helpful for HSC and university admission students. Hope you enjoy the video. This video also include- phrases,idioms,vocabulary, learn english, phrases in english, phrases in english speaking, idioms & phrases with bangla meaning, idioms for kids, idioms and phrases with meanings, idioms in english, idioms and phrases, learn english words, learn english speaking, learn english in bangla, বিভীষণের প্রতি মেঘনাদ, bcs preparation, english lesson, english lessons for beginners, bcs preparation english, hsc english, university admission

IELTS Reading Test with Idiom | Part-01

What is the importance of idioms in IELTS reading or speaking test? Idioms can really help to boost your score, if used properly In the IELTS reading or speaking test. However, they can also lower your score, if you don’t use them correctly....

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